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Retired Greyhounds as Pets of Connecticut, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to educating the public about the joys of greyhounds as companion animals and finding responsible, caring homes for as many retired racing greyhounds as possible.

Helping retired greyhounds find loving homes for more than 40 years. In recognition of REGAP CTs efforts for greyhounds over the years founder, Eileen McCaughern was recognized in 2008 as the Animal Planet Hero of the Year.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to REGAP, or would like to work as a volunteer, please e-mail REGAPCT, or contact us via mail or telephone at:

REGAP of CT, Inc.
P.O. Box 3814
Woodbridge, CT 06525
(203) 393-1673

Please Note: Our email address is, please use it for all email exchanges.

Recently placed hounds
in their new homes:

View a slideshow of recent photos

Monthly PETCO Events

Hamden Store: Please join us on the last Saturday of the month between 11am – 2pm for an opportunity to meet greyhounds that have been in a home. Get Directions

Latest News

  • Greyhound Adoptions:

    Hello greyhound fanciers -If you’re interested in adopting a greyhound and do not see one available on our website, please contact us and fill out our application. We are actively placing greyhounds and always have dogs available for adoption. Our preference is to match your needs and find the right dog for you, rather than having dogs potentially waiting with us a long time to find their forever home. You may or may not see photos of available greyhounds since we are waiting on your call. Won’t you contact us -there are greyhounds anxiously awaiting their forever homes.

  • Adopted Greyhound Photo Calendar Contest:

    The new 2016 adopted greyhound photo contest is underway. Please enter your unique photographs of your adopted greyhound(s). The deadline is Nov. 15th at midnight. Let’s get as many REGAP CT greyhounds entered as is possible. Here is the link to contest.

  • NEW!!! KB's Casita - Foster Blog:

    My name is Casita, and if I could walk around on two legs like you I’d be standing ramrod tall with my knuckles jammed on my hips and my eyes looking deep into yours, and I’d say, “Here I am, warts and all. Are you person enough to take me on?” And you’d say, “Why? What’s wrong with you?” And I’d say, “There’s nothing wrong with me really, except for one little glitch, but I’m a people dog. I love being with people. My foster home is nice, no complaints, but I crave to have a person and a family of my very own. A place where I can take a deep breathe and say, ‘I’m home!’” And you’d say, “So what’s the hitch?” And that’s where I say, “Well…since I’m recently off the track and everything is so very new for me my curiosity can get the better of me. That sometimes gets me into trouble, but its all part of the process of becoming a pet. I learn very quickly and I promise I am worth any effort to teach me about being a pet. So that’s it, and I want you to adopt me anyway! Take me home. Make me part of your family. Help me to become your perfect companion.”

  • Watch an interview with REGAP CT:

    Be sure to watch Eileen & Conan and Brenda & Bella interviewed on the Shawn Murphy Show of Station WPXQ. You’ll hear a bit about the history of REGAPCT, adoption of greyhounds and even obedience. Here is the link to youtube for the interview.

  • Photon Tamers open for business:

    Long time REAGPCT adopters and supporters have opened a laser engraving business called Photon Tamers. Just mention REGAPCT and they will donate 10% of the proceeds to. The link to their website is here. See the attached Photon Tamers Engraving document for more information.